These pretest instructions are intended to familiarize examinees with the ACRRT online testing process.

Read the following carefully

**It is the examinee's responsibility to read and comply with these instructions. Failure to do so may result in expulsion by the exam software or lead to additional scrutiny by the test administrator delaying or invalidating your exam results.**

 Exam Make up

The exam comprises 100 questions and is divided into several sections and pages. A description of these sections and pages is listed below. At your scheduled exam time, you will log in with a unique verification code via a link sent to your email. This access code is available for a limited time, beginning at the scheduled time. Failing to access your exam on time may result in the inability to log in or the early termination of your exam by the testing software. Please be prompt. After logging in you will be asked to complete two required security tasks using the exam software to take a photo of your government issued photo ID and to video the testing room. You cannot proceed to the exam questions without submitting the requested information. These two steps are untimed, but you should come to the exam prepared to perform these required procedures expeditiously.


NOTE: Navigation between sections is “Locked”. Once you have completed a section by clicking “NEXT” and “CONFIRM”, you may not return to the previous section. You may return to a previous page within a Section. For example, when you complete section #3 by hitting “NEXT” and “CONFIRM” and begin the exam in Section #4, you cannot return to Section #3. However, once you begin Section #4 you can navigate forwards and backwards between pages 1, 2, and 3 by using the “NEXT” and “PREVIOUS” buttons at the bottom of each page.

  1. Section #1 - Exam Instructions and Examinee Authentication
    1. Page #1 Disclaimer, authorization to release exam scores to certifying body
    2. Page #2 Exam Instructions
    3. Page #3 Examinee Authentication, Please have a valid picture ID available (more Below)
  2. Section #2 - Testing Environment Verification
  3. Section #3 - Exam Instructions
  4. Section #4 - Exam part 1 is 3 Pages, comprises 51 questions, is limited to 1 hour, and includes the following subjects:
    1. Page #1 Physics and Equipment ~ 9%
    2. Page #2 Anatomy and Physiology ~ 26%
    3. Page #3 Principles of Radiographic Exposure ~ 16%
  5. Section #5 - 10-minute Break:
  • If you do not wish to take the 10-minute break or wish to utilize only a portion of it, you may begin Section #6 by clicking “NEXT” and “CONFIRM”.
  • You MUST return to your testing station before your break is over.
  • Section #6 will begin automatically, with or without your intervention, when the 10-minute break is over.
  1. Section #6 - Exam part 2 is 2 Pages, comprises 49 questions, is limited to 1 hour, and includes the following subjects:
    1. Page #1 Radiation Protection ~ 19%
    2. Page #2 Radiographic Positioning & Procedures ~ 30%


The following items and procedures are REQUIRED for this exam:

  • A stable high speed internet connection.
  • A desktop or laptop with a working webcam and microphone. Cell phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and iPads are not acceptable or compatible with the exam software.
  • Have one of the following operating systems:
    • Windows 7 or later
    • macOS 10.15 or later
  • Important: You must choose Chrome, Firefox, or Opera as your browser to access the exam
  • A government-issued photo ID for verification of identity
    • Acceptable IDs include a driver’s license, non-driver photo ID, U.S. passport, U.S. passport card, foreign passport, U.S. military ID card, U.S. military dependent’s ID card, and tribal card
  • A private room, free of distractions, with all study material and electronic devices out of reach and out of view
  • Laptops must be placed on a stable surface, not on your lap
  • You must grant the exam software access to the webcam and microphone when prompted
    • Check to see if your browser video permission settings are correct HERE.
    • Check to see if your computer mic settings are correct HERE

* If you are running Mac OS Catalina 10.15 or later and wish to use Google Chrome as your browser for the exam, you MUST grant permission to your browser in your System Preferences in order to capture and share screen recordings required by the testing software.


If you do not know how to change these settings, follow this link- How to enable screen recording with macOS Catalina and Big Sur



To prevent early termination of your exam, it is the examinees responsibility to read and comply with the following instructions. SHOULD YOUR EXAM BE TERMINATED EARLY, do not panic, call or text the ACRRT ASAP ( (563) 299-1819). A live proctor is monitoring your progress and can, in nearly all cases reinstate your exam. This procedure takes 2-3 minutes. 

  • You will be remotely monitored by a proctor, and video and audio recorded for the duration of the exam.
    • To avoid exam security violations, the exam table should be well lite, clear of clutter, papers and any study materials.
    • Please keep your eyes directed towards your device's monitor or screen.
  • You will be required to video the testing room to validate the testing environment, no books, manuals, notes, wall posters etc.
    • To do this you will need to rotate your webcam or laptop 360 degrees to video the entire testing room and test surface.
    • If this is not possible, notify the test administrator prior to your scheduled exam time by email or phone.
  • Prior to the start of the exam, you will be required to turn off your phone, remove smart watches or other devices, and place them all face down beyond arm’s reach
  • You will be required to turn off all electronic devices for the duration of the examination, including the 10-minute break
  • No hats, hoods, or sunglasses will be allowed.
  • The use of earbuds or headphones is not allowed.
  • Once the exam begins, you may not leave the recording field of your webcam other than during the timed 10 minute break, sections 5.
  • The software will lock your screen in full screen mode. Attempting to exit full screen or attempting to open another browser tab will result in you being removed from the exam by the testing software. For this reason, it is advisable you turn off all notifications prior to starting the examination. Pop-up windows may violate the software’s strict enforcement of full screen security.
  • It is advisable you close all unnecessary browser tabs and your email prior to beginning the exam.
  • Turn off auto updates. Should a pop up appear on screen do NOT click on it, simply allow it to expire.
  • Do not use the "back button", the software will record this as a "left and returned" violation and you will be expelled from the exam.
  • Using split screen mode will violate the softwares screen security and result in removal from the exam.

You should avoid the following actions, as the testing software may log these actions as violations and terminate the exam:

  • Exiting full screen mode (ESC or F11)
  • Refreshing the test page (F5)
  • Using Alt+Tab shortcut to switch to another window, page, program, document, etc.
  • Opening new windows or programs
  • Pressing the Windows shortcut button
  • Closing the test page from the CLOSE button on the test editor
  • Receiving any notification popups on your screen (email, news, WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Enabling sleep mode
  • Using a second screen, dual monitor, tablet, phone, or any other electronic device.

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