How many questions are on the exam?

There are 100 questions on the exam.

How difficult is the exam?

The exam is at the level of a comprehensive college freshman final exam. Mastery of the subjects and the ability correlate and combine subjects into a single idea is required. You will need to understand exactly what an x-ray order is requesting, what anatomy is being imaged, the best possible patient position to achieve a clear readable image, proper technical settings, and how to protect the patient and technician.

What subjects are covered?

  1.  Physics and Equipment
  2.  Anatomy and Physiology
  3.  Principles of Radiographic Exposure
  4.  Radiation Protection
  5.  Radiographic Positioning & Procedures

What areas should I focus on?

We recommend a combination of practical experience in chiropractic offices, thoroughly learning from the ACRRT study guide, and reviewing the sample ACRRT questions on Quizlet. 

How long is the exam?

There are two timed sections on the exam. Each section is one hour with an optional 10 minute break between the two sections. If you finish a section before the one hour time limit, you may elect to move on to the next section and skip the 10 minute break.

Where can I take the exam?

You may take the examination in any private location you are able to access a stable high speed internet connection. We strongly recommend you take the exam in a quiet location, free of distractions.

What device do I need to take the exam?

You will need a laptop or desktop computer with a working microphone and a webcam capable of panning 360 degrees.

The exam software is not compatible with tablets, iPads, or  cell phones.

You will also need an acceptable government issued photo ID.

How do I access the exam? 

An email will be sent to you approximately 24 hours before your scheduled exam time. The email will contain a link and a unique exam "key". Clicking the link will open your browser and access the exam. If you access the exam prior to your scheduled access time, you will simply be placed in a "waiting room" with a countdown timer. 

What browser do I need? 

You must use Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

What if I pay for an exam and I'm unable to make the scheduled time?

Contact the ACRRT as soon as possible prior to your exam start time! If you contact the ACRRT more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled exam time, you may reschedule your exam at no cost or receive a partial refund. Failing to log in on time or failing to contact the ACRRT prior to your exam time will result in the forfeiture of your exam fee. 

Will my exam results be available immediately? 

No, exam results are not immediately available. Extensive examination analytics are performed on each examination. We are striving to release exam results within 10 days following its administration. 

What are the qualifications to take the exam?

Pre-exam requirements vary from state to state. We recommend consulting your state's chiropractic association for specific information. 

Do I need continuing education hours, and if so, how many?

CE requirements vary from state to state. We recommend consulting your state's chiropractic association for specific information.