Exam integrity, ease of access, and timely exam analysis and results are top priorities of ACRRT


Convenience: The software we utilize employs advanced cloud-based security measures in combination with live proctoring to ensure exam integrity. Examinees may take the exam in a private and convenient setting, reducing the costs of travel and stress of an unfamiliar environment. If required our platform easily adapts to in-person proctoring for large group settings. Online examinations facilitate prompt quality analysis of individual questions and each examination, permitting rapid reporting of examinees' results.


Proctoring: The ACRRT achieves a high level of exam security by utilizing a combination of live proctoring and computer surveillance. Prior to the exam, each examinee receives a unique single-use key with a scheduled limited access time to begin the exam. Once the key is activated, remote live audio and video proctoring, screen capture, and audio and video recordings begin. This all happens in near real time.


Identification: Each examinee must present a government-issued photo ID. The examinee's ID is photographed and stored, utilizing the exam software. To ensure integrity of the testing station, examinees are required to video a full 360 degree pan of the room and the desktop or tabletop surface.


Security: Once required security measures are complete and the exam begins, the examinee's computer screen is locked in full screen mode. Any attempt by the examinee to minimize the screen, use split screen mode, access another tab or utilize dual monitors will be immediately detected by the exam software and the exam will be terminated. Examinees are instructed to turn all notifications off, as pop-ups will violate the strict security of the software and result in termination of the exam. Should a proctor suspect a security violation, they will flag the potential violation for further detailed scrutiny.