Notice 5-13-2022

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The ACRRT website is under construction.

As we continue update and expand the ACRRT,


we are excited by the changes and hope to include new features


very soon, including:


  • Quickly responsive customer service
  • Online testing

         o   With more frequent test dates

         o   Rapid turnaround time for test results

  • An updated, interactive, and informative website
  • Online certification and renewal management
  • State-specific certification and renewal information


The new ACRRT website is under construction and we will soon phase out the current contact information.


Please use the new contact information below

for any questions or requests:





The American Chiropractic Registry of Radiologic Technologists, also referred to as the ACRRT, or the Registry, was founded in 1982, as a non-profit organization for the purpose of recognizing those chiropractic paraprofessionals qualified to engage in radiologic technology.

Only after completion of prerequisite education and experience may an individual challenge the ACRRT examination. Successful completion of the examination and current membership status with the ACRRT assures the public of the individual's competency in the safe and efficient use of ionizing radiation in diagnostic radiology (x-ray).


  1. To assist in every way, the advancement of ACRRT members in the technological application of diagnostic radiology.
  2. To maintain standards of education, ethics and competency necessary and desirable to ensure appropriate knowledge and skill.
  3. To maintain and administer a system of examination for testing and assessing the knowledge and skill of an applicant in those areas dealing with the technology of diagnostic radiography and its application.
  4. To maintain a national registry for its members who have met the required standards of education and applied skills in the performance of applied technology in diagnostic radiology.
  5. To gather, correlate and disseminate information for the benefit of its members, concerning radiologic technology.
  6. To encourage and promote the advancement of radiologic technology in diagnostic radiology and its application within the chiropractic profession.
  7. To serve the doctor of chiropractic by furnishing on request, lists of chiropractic technologists who shall have been certified by the Registry.
  8. To develop and publish rules and regulations governing the activities of the Registry and its members, so long as their content is not in conflict with the by-laws of the ACRRT.

Contact ACRRT

American Chiropractic Registry
Radiologic Technologists

52 W. Colfax Street
Palatine, Illinois

Telephone: 563-299-1819



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