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Approved for continuing education credit. These articles are approved for credit because of their content relating to the practice of radiologic technology. Subjects are varied, and conform to the approved subject material as listed under Re-certification Requirements

The length of articles will vary and, as a result, may qualify for either one or two CE credits necessary for ACRRT annual re-certification, after successful completion of the accompanying comprehension review test. The Self-Instructed Readings (SIRs) are typically available by late October or early November of each year.

The links below are for the SIR texts only. They can be downloaded and saved/printed. Upon purchasing the appropraite number of SIRs required, the ACRRT administrator will email the corresponding exam(s) to you. Be sure to contact the ACRRT office to provide an email address where you would like to receive the SIR exam(s).

SIRS 2019:

1 - Imaging and Diagnosis of Physical Child Abuse Article

2 - Managing Multiple Generations in the Workplace

SIRS 2018:

1 - Computer Tornography of Thoracolumber Spine Trauma

2 - Image Acquisition and Quality in Digital Radiography

3 - Medical Imaging and Infertility

4 - Patient-centered Radiation Safety

5 - Perfecting the LS-S1 Spot Projection

6 - Technical Factors and Exposure Indicators

SIRS 2017:

1 - Emergency Chest Imaging

2 - Medical Ethics and Law in Radiologic Technology

3 - Obesity in Children and Adolescents Health Effects and Imaging Implications

4 - Radiation Safety Compliance

5 - Radiological Exposure and Adverse Effects in the Radiologic Interventional Setting

6 - Total Knee Replacement and Imaging

SIRS 2016:

1 - Care Considerations for Patients With Spinal Cord Injuries

2 - Copper Filtration and kVp Effect on Entrance Skin Exposure

3 - Imaging Foreign Bodies

4 - Meditation, Stress Relief, and Well Being

5 - Radiation Protection Education in Fluoroscopy CER

6 - Reducing Errors in Radiology

SIRS 2015:

1 - Current Issues in Radiation Dose Monitoring and Reporting

2 - Effects of Kilovoltage, Milliampere Seconds

3 - Medical Radiation Dose Perception and its effect on Public Health

4 - Shield Placement- Effect on Exposure

5 - Substance Abuse and the Radiologic Technologist

6 - Women and Heart Disease

SIRS 2014:

1 - Elbow Disorders and Injuries

2 - How Cultural Competency Can Help Reduce Health Disparities

3 - Managerial Strategies for Creating an Effective Work Environment

4 - Occupational Radiation Safety

5 - Stress Management for the Radiologic Technologist

6 - What Imaging Teaches Us About Pain

SIRS 2013:

1 - A Review of Ethics for the Radiologist Technologist

2 - Disorders of Cervical Spine

3 - Ergonomics in Radiology

4 - Imaging the Injured Shoulder

5 - Medical Imaging and Osteoarthritis of the Knee

6 - Radiation Protection in Pediatric Imaging

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