New rules or regulations or amendments to the existing rules and regulations, hereinafter referred to as a "proposed rule", may be adopted as follows:

  1. Notice of a proposed rule shall be given by mail/email to each member of the governing board at least 30 days prior to the meeting at which it is to be considered.
  2. The proposed rule may be accepted for publication by majority vote of the governing board at a regular meeting prior to formal adoption.
  3. The proposed rule shall be distributed to the general membership as a direct mailing or published in appropriate professional and educational publications usually available to the membership. It shall be distributed for comment to those societies, associations and organizations deemed appropriate by the governing board.
  4. All interested persons who desire to comment on any proposed rules and regulations of the Registry shall make comments in writing and direct them to the Executive Vice President of the Registry at least 30 days prior to the date at which the governing board is to take final action relative to the proposed rule or regulation. Copies of such written comments shall be made available to any interested person requesting to review the same and shall be distributed to each member of the governing board who will act upon and consider the proposed rule or regulation.  All such comments shall be reviewed by the governing board at the meeting at which consideration of adoption of proposed rule and regulation takes place.
  5. At the request of any interested party, and with the consent of the president of the Registry, any person may appear before the governing board at a date and time scheduled by it, to speak with respect to any proposed rule or regulation.
  6. At the next meeting of the governing board at which adoption of the proposed rule is considered, the governing board; may make such changes, amendments or modifications to the proposed rule or regulation as they shall determine appropriate after due consideration of the proposed rule as circulated and published by the Registry. In the event the rule as adopted contains any substantive changes from the form of proposed regulations as previously published, the rule or regulation, as changed, shall be re‑published, noting substantive changes which have been made. In absence of substantive changes being made to the proposed rule or regulation, the Registry shall not, unless the governing board so directs, be obliged to further publish any rule or regulation so adopted. The governing board shall determine whether a substantive change has been made to a proposed rule or regulation and such determination shall be conclusive.
  7. At any meeting of the governing board at which a proposed rule or regulation is considered, the governing board shall determine the need for the rule or regulation proposed for adoption.  Upon such affirmative showing, and approval of the proposed rule by a majority of the governing board, the proposed rule shall become effective immediately, unless a later effective date is established by resolution of the governing board.

Nothing herein shall prevent the governing board, from considering and adopting, on an interim basis, any rule or regulation determined by them to be appropriate to deal with any emergency condition or situation or any circumstance of hardships. This action may be taken without prior publication of any proposed rule or regulation or circulation of the same to interested parties, provided that such rule or regulation shall expire one year after its adoption, unless adopted as a rule or regulation in the manner prescribed in this Article of the Rules and Regulations.

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