The American Chiropractic Registry of Radiologic Technologists shall hold a hearing whenever the governing board proposes to take action in respect to the denial of an application for renewal of a registration, or in connection with the revocation of a certificate of registration.  Hearings shall also be held at the request of persons whose application shall have been denied or rejected.  Hearings shall also be held prior to any action on the part of the governing board suspending a registrant's certificate, or censuring a registrant.  Hearings shall be held at the executive offices of the Registry, unless another place shall be designated by the governing board.

At such hearings, the executive vice president or a person appointed by him shall present the charges against the applicant or registrant in question, and the facts and evidence of the Registry in respect to the basis or bases for disqualification from registration.  The applicant or registrant in question, represented by legal counsel if so desired, shall have the right to present testimony and be heard in his own defense, and to hear the testimony of and cross‑examine any witnesses appearing at such hearing, and to present such other evidence or testimony as the board or hearing  officer shall  deem appropriate to do substantial justice.

If the hearing shall be held before the governing board, the board shall assess the evidence presented at such hearing and make its decision accordingly.  If the hearing shall not be held before a subcommittee thereof, or a hearing officer appointed by the board, such subcommittee or hearing officer before whom such a hearing is held shall prepare written findings of fact and promptly transmit the same following the hearing to the governing board which shall consider such findings, the files and records of the Registry applicable to the case at issue, and shall determine what action, if any, should be taken.  In making such determination, findings of fact made by a subcommittee of the governing board or hearing officer shall be conclusive if supported by evidence.  The governing board may grant re‑hearings, or hear additional evidence, or request that the Registry or the applicant or registrant in question provide additional information, in such manner, on such issues, and within such time it may prescribe.

All hearings provided for herein shall be private at all stages.  It shall be considered an act of professional misconduct for any registered technologist to make an unauthorized publication or revelation of the same, except to his attorney, immediate superior or employer.

The governing board shall instruct the executive vice president to notify the applicant or registrant of the decision of the governing board.  If the decision of the governing board is adverse to the applicant or registrant, he shall be given a copy of the findings of fact prepared by the subcommittee of the board or hearing officer, together with a brief explanation or opinion of the decision of the governing board.

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