The governing board may, after an appropriate hearing has been held, reject or deny an application for, refuse the renewal of, or revoke a certificate of registration of any applicant who does not continue to meet the qualifications for registration and the rules and regulations of the American Chiropractic Registry of Radiologic Technologists.  The governing board may also censure registrants or suspend a registrant's certificate for such period of time as it deems appropriate.

The governing board may revoke an outstanding certificate if it determines that the registrant in question has:

  1. ceased to be a person of good moral character, or
  2. been guilty of, or advocated, directly or indirectly, practices inconsistent with standards prescribed by the governing board and the profession for chiropractic radiologic technologists, or
  3. shall have conducted himself in the practice of his profession or in any other manner so as to bring discredit to the profession, or
  4. shall have violated any of the terms of the agreement signed at the time of this application for registration, or any of such other rules and regulations as the governing board may from time to time adopt, or
  5. shall in any other manner cease to meet the qualifications for registration.

A technologist whose eligibility for certification is questioned will be notified of the complaint against him at least twenty days in advance of the specified hearing date.  The applicant or registrant in question shall notify the Registry of his intention to appear at the hearing.  A technologist whose certificate has been revoked may be reinstated after compliance with the requirements of the governing board, or he may be required to reapply and be re‑examined at the discretion of the board.

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