A doctor of chiropractic shall not be eligible for registration as a technologist.  A technologist who becomes a physician shall not be eligible to retain his certificate.

The Registry was established as an organization that would certify the competence of non‑physicians as chiropractic radiologic technologists.  It is presumed that chiropractors (as well as other physicians in medicine, osteopathy, dentistry, podiatry and from certain other disciplines) have training in the use and effects of radiation and do not need such certification.   Under agreements for registration, the certified chiropractic radiologic technologist must agree to work under the direction of a duly licensed and qualified doctor in the health care specialties and that under no circumstances may they give out oral or written diagnoses.  Since an individual could not direct himself, it would be inconsistent with the purposes and structure of the organization as expressed, to permit a physician to be both a technologist (which implies that he is a person working under direction) and a physician at the same time.  The American Chiropractic Registry of Radiologic Technologists believes, therefore, that its purpose is to serve, not certify physicians and it would not be appropriate to permit the physician to be certified as a registered technologist.  Further, should a registered chiropractic technologist advise the Registry that he has become a physician; he would voluntarily terminate his affiliation with the Registry or allow his certificate to lapse.

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