1. Annual

    The ACRRT certificate at time of issue shall be valid until the end of the calendar year (December) in which it is issued; and can be renewed from year to year as long as the applicant submits proof of required continuing education and pays the annual membership  fee as fixed by the governing board.

  2. Inactive Status

    An Inactive Status will be issued upon only written request, to a fully certified individual holding current status with the ACRRT. This inactive status will provide that as long as the individual maintains this status, that he will not be required to undergo re-examination at the time of reinstatement to current membership.

    Under ACRRT Rules and Regulations, inactive status shall not be acceptable status to perform the duties of a chiropractic radiologic technologist.

    Inactive status shall require:

    1. an annual renewal fee, as fixed by the governing board.
    2. after two years and before the end of five years of inactive status, a written request for reinstatement to active status will require proof of twelve hours continuing education as outlined in Article IV.
    3. after five years but before the end of ten (10) years of inactive status, a request for reinstatement to “active status” will require proof of twenty-four hours of continuing education as outlined in Article IV.
    4. after ten (10) years of inactive status the applicant shall submit a written request and proof of 48 hours of education as outline in Article IV.
  3. Failure to Renew

    Failure to renew as active or inactive status for more two years and less than ten (10) years will require the member to re-apply and submit fees equal to one year late fee, inactive fee for each year of non-renewal and current year member dues.  Member must also document proof of continuing education equal to the requirements as defined in Article IV section B.  Any applicant with greater than ten (10) year lapse in renewal shall be required to pass the ACRRT examination.

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