A.  General

The American Chiropractic Registry of Radiologic Technologists shall pass upon the qualifications of all applicants for registration in radiography as it is applicable to the chiropractic profession.  It shall provide for and conduct, or cause to be conducted, all examinations for registration and determine which applicants successfully pass such examinations and duly register such applicants.

Any individual who has completed an approved course of study, and who is of good moral character, may make application for registration.  The governing board shall have the right to reject  the application of any technologist employed in an institution or  facility considered unethical or to be in noncompliance with  accepted standards; or who shall practice or advocate directly or  indirectly policies which the governing board may find to be in  conflict with Article VII of these Rules and Regulations.

B.  Professional educational requirements.

Applicants must have successfully completed a program of formal education consisting of 300 hours, as determined and approved by the ACRRT governing board.

C.  Determination of special cases of eligibility for admission to the certifying examination.

The American Chiropractic Registry of Radiologic Technologists  shall not endorse, support, consider or accept for admission to the certifying examination, applicants whose general  qualifications or professional education are not equal to or greater than those stated in Section B above.  In special cases however, the American Chiropractic Registry of Radiologic Technologists may consider other qualifications for admission to the certifying examinations.  In these cases the applicant must prove to the satisfaction of the governing board those circumstances which precluded satisfaction of eligibility of requirements stated in Section B above and provide evidence of educational qualifications which are equal to or in excess of same.  Determination of such qualifications which may permit admission to the certifying examination shall be based on criteria and limits established for admission to the certifying board.  Final determination of eligibility for admission to the certifying examination in such special cases shall be made by the governing board.

D.  Scope of practice.

Applicants for registration shall agree to perform the duties of a radiologic technologist only as directed by a duly licensed and qualified doctor in the health care specialties and under no circumstances shall give out oral or written diagnoses, or work independently.  "Duly licensed and qualified doctor in the health care specialties" refers to one who has demonstrated education and training in the use and effect of radiation.

E.  Determination of good moral character.

An  applicant who has been convicted of a felony or any other offense involving moral turpitude, may be eligible for  registration (assuming he has met all other qualifications for  registration) if he has (a) served his entire sentence, including  parole, and (b) has had his civil rights restored.   Notwithstanding the foregoing, the record of the conviction of an applicant or registrant shall be conclusive evidence only of the fact that conviction occurred and the governing board shall inquire into the circumstances surrounding the commission of the crime in order to determine whether it was an offense involving moral turpitude.

A plea or verdict of guilty or a conviction following a plea of nolo contendere made to a charge of a felony  or of an offense involving moral turpitude is deemed to be a  conviction for the purposes hereof.

F.  Agreements of applicants.

At the time of application and on subsequent occasions when the certificate is renewed, all applicants for certification must agree to the following:

"In consideration of the granting to me a Certificate of Registration, or the renewal thereof, and the attendant right to use the title "Certified Radiologic Technologist" and its abbreviation, "R.T. (ACRRT)", in connection with my name.  I do hereby agree to perform the duties of a Chiropractic Radiologic Technologist only under the direction of a person whose qualifications are acceptable to this Registry; to abide by the rules and regulations of the American Chiropractic Registry of Radiologic Technologists as they apply to my profession and to conduct myself in a manner appropriate to the dignity of my profession."

"I hereby authorize the Registry to identify me and to report on request, the fact of my certification or non‑certification in radiography to prospective employers, universities, colleges, schools, federal, state and local agencies, hospitals, health departments, and similar organizations and agencies."

G.  Information to be furnished by applicants.

The application, accompanied by a fee in such sum as the governing board from time to time may fix, shall be filed with the executive vice president on forms provided by the Registry.   All applicants for registration shall furnish complete information as the governing board shall request.  Application shall be endorsed by the program director of the approved educational program.  Applications may be investigated by the governing board to determine moral character, training and ability, and other qualifications of the applicants.

Applicants who apply for registration by reciprocity shall furnish, in lieu of, or in addition to the above, such endorsements as may be deemed necessary by the governing board.

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