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Numerous ACRRT publications are available. Only those with the widest reader interest are described below. All are available through the ACRRT offices.


The official newsletter of the ACRRT. Published periodically, WAVELENGTHS is mailed directly to all ACRRT members holding current status.

WAVELENGTHS brings updated information regarding ACRRT activities, approved programs for continuing education credit, useful articles relating to radiologic technology and periodic profiles of ACRRT people and events.

Wavelengths Vol XXI No 1.pdf
Wavelengths Spring 2006
Wavelengths Fall 2006
Wavelengths Summer 2009
Wavelengths Winter 2009
Wavelengths Fall 2010
Wavelengths Summer 2011
Wavelengths Winter 2011
Wavelengths Spring 2012
Wavelengths Fall 2012
Wavelengths May 2013
Wavelengths Fall 2013
Wavelengths Spring 2014
Wavelengths Summer 2015
Wavelengths Fall 2015

Chiropractic Radiologic Technology Study Guide

The Chiropractic Radiologic Technology Study Guide is continually revised to include the latest information, clarification, and revisions to keep the ACRRT member current. Included are numerous photographs and updated descriptions of patient positioning and many useful tables and charts necessary to update any radiographic facility in required quality assurance procedures.

The Chiropractic Radiologic Technology Study Guide has been used extensively in the training programs of both ACRRT and Limited Permit students. Although designed primarily to be an instructor-assisted study guide, the information is easily assimilated by the serious student as a stand-alone text. For those individuals who have not updated their copy of the Chiropractic Radiologic Technology Study Guide, this newly revised edition will be found extremely useful in keeping up to date in radiologic technology.

Self-Instructed Readings

Content Specifications for the ACRRT Examination

The content specifications for the ACRRT examination list the content areas to be covered on the examination and the weighing of each category. Revised periodically, this document is distributed to all education program directors.

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ACRRT Study Guide

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