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Are there annual membership Dues? Yes Active member 2014 dues: $40.00
Inactive member 2014 dues: $25.00
What if I am past the annual membership due date?   There is a $15 late fee after December 30.
Is there an official ACRRT Study Guide? Yes Chiropractic Radiologic Technology Study Guide: $75.00
Is there a Continuing Education (CE) requirement to maintain ACRRT membership? Yes 6 hours are required each year.
Does ACRRT provide Continuing Education? No
Self-Instruction Activity for Re-Certification (SIRS)
An hour of SIRS CE credit is $25.00.
6 hours: $150.00
Is there a Continuing Education requirement for limited radiologists in the State of Pennsylvania? Yes There is a four (4) hour CE unit requirement.
At this time ACRRT does not offer articles on radiographic topics to satisfy this requirement.
Can ACRRT hand grade my exam? Yes

Hand grading of examination: $35.00

Can ACRRT research my membership history and prepare a letter for me regarding my old test scores? Yes

Researching/preparing a letter on old test scores: $35.00

The exam date and location is required.

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American Chiropractic Registry
Radiologic Technologists

52 W. Colfax Street
Palatine, Illinois

Telephone: 847.705.1178
Fax: 847.705.1178

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