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The ACRRT is a testing agency that contracts with various states and organizations to provide examinations. We provide several types of examinations depending on the level of testing required (by state statute).

For example:

  1. Registry Examination Toward ACRRT Certification and Membership
    The registry exam is a 270 multiple choice question examination for RT (ACRRT) candidates who complete 300 hours of study that leads to RT (ACRRT) certification.

    The ACRRT Registry Examination:

    Click here for the Registry Membership and Exam Application.

  2. Limited Permit Examinations
    This exam is a 100 multiple choice question examination for those candidates seeking limited certification who have completed 48 hours of classroom lecture sponsored by state organizations for local state certification, as defined in their state statutes. Note: successful completion and any award of proficiency for the limited permit examination does not meet the criteria for ACRRT certification or membership status. See Registry Examination above.

    There are several limited permit applications available for the type of examination required:


    Candidates for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Limited Examination use the Limited Permit Exam Application provided by ACRRT.

    Click here for the Limited Permit Exam Application.

    Examination dates this year are the 4th Saturday in May (22nd) and the 3rd in November.

    The virtual ACRRT Review is on May 11, 2021 from 7-9 pm. Those interested will need to call Dr Rizzo’s office at 814-944-3536 to pay and get specific info.

    Contact for more information.

    Note: Since the Dixon center will not be reopening until end of June 2021, ACRRT is forced to use a different location for the exam.   Blair Convention Center in Altoona, PA. is where ACRRT held its last exam and it worked well, so will need to continue to use that location, address is
    One Convention Center Drive, Altoona, PA 16602.

    The Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association and Dr. Victor J. Rizzo will host a Primer on April 10, 2021 for the PA Limited X-RAY Exam. Anyone requiring more info can visit or contact PCA at (717) 232-5762.

    State Limited Permit Examination:

    Click here for the Limited Permit Exam Application.

    Limited permit examination from a state that supplies its own application:

    Results in 6 - 8 weeks unless hand grading is paid for.

    Cut-off for registration is 2 weeks before test date.

    Complete the application sent to you from that state. If you have any questions, call your state organization that is sponsoring the exam, read the information in this web site, or call the ACRRT and we can assist you.

  3. ACRRT Registration

    The ACRRT shall confirm the qualifications of all applicants for registration in chiropractic radiography. It shall approve, administer, oversee and sponsor all examinations for registration, to determine which applicants qualify, and consequently register such qualified applicants.

    ACRRT Registry Exam Details

    The current ACRRT Registry Examination is given in two parts, given on the same day. Two hours are permitted for completion of each part. General Rules of Examination Conduct are observed, and the Test Administrator provides applicants prior, specific and pertinent instruction. The ACRRT Registry Examination consists of 270 questions. Each category includes weighted questions in the following general areas:

    1. Physics and Equipment of Radiographic Imaging
    2. Principles of Radiographic Exposure
    3. Radiation Protection
    4. Anatomy and Physiology
    5. Radiographic Positioning and Procedures (including patient care and management)

    The passing cut-off score for the ACRRT Registry Examination shall be a standardized score of 70%.

    The ACRRT Registry Examination is based on sound psychometric principles of evaluation and testing. It is designed to be job-related for the chiropractic paraprofessional engaged in radiologic technology. The content specifications and task analysis assures job-relatedness.

    Sample Exam Questions


    To those who have passed the ACRRT Registry Examination, and are otherwise eligible, a certificate shall be issued which confers upon the applicant the right to use the title "R.T. (ACRRT)" in connection with his/her name so long as the certificate shall be in effect. Technologists certified by the ACRRT are advised to use the symbol (ACRRT) in connection with the "R.T." to avoid confusion with certification from any other source.

    Scope of Practice

    Applicants for registration shall agree to perform the duties of a radiologic technologist only as directed by a duly licensed and qualified doctor in the health care specialties, and under no circumstances shall give out oral or written diagnosis, or work independently. "Duly licensed and qualified doctor in the health care specialties" refers to one who has demonstrated education and training in the use and effect of radiation.

Contact ACRRT

American Chiropractic Registry
Radiologic Technologists

52 W. Colfax Street
Palatine, Illinois

Telephone: 847.705.1178
Fax: 847.705.1178

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