The following examinee appeals process section shall be added to the ACRRT Rules and Regulations. Please contact the ACRRT administration if you would like to comment on this addition. ACRRT member comments will be accepted until June 30, 2012.




F:  Appeals:  An examinee may appeal the scoring and results of the examination.  Appeals are to be written and sent to the ACRRT address.  Appeals will be accepted on a case by case basis, if received within 30 days of mailing of the results.  ACRRT will only communicate with the examinee. Hand grading of tests may be performed for a $35.00 fee.  The examinee must submit support to their arguments to a specific question via references from appropriate texts or referenced journal articles.  Tests or copies of  the examination cannot and will not be released due to confidentiality and test material security.  Results of the ACRRT appeal process are final.

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